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Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 in 10 women across the world. Though the condition isn’t curable, those who are living with it can learn how to manage symptoms. A part of managing symptoms is keeping track of them, so I created "My Endo Diary" to help those who are living with endometriosis. This 59-page diary consists of: 



5   diary entry templates

2   appointment logs

2   symptom trackers 

3   pain locator charts 

1   list of doctors template 

1   medication log 

1   period log

1   ovulation log 

7  daily meal logs 

1  food intolerance log 

1  weekly meal planner template 

1  new recipe & cooking instructions template 

1  weekly exercise log 

7  mental health logs 

5  self-care logs 

1  self-care activity template 

1  questions and answers template for doctor’s visits 

1  emergency room visit log 

1  surgery history log 

1  excision surgery checklist 

1  endo kit template

2  to-do lists

4 random notes template 


The best feature of this symptom diary is that you can download and make as many copies of any page as you want, whenever you want! I hope that these resources help make things a little easier for you as you learn to manage this disease. Stay strong & keep fighting!

My Endo Diary

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